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Advances in neuroscience research and microscopy: Researchers look deep into organs and nervous systems of animals, ranging from squids and worms to...

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Neurostimulation experiments at TU Wien

Stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear can help relieving chronic pain. TU Wien and MedUni Vienna have developed novel, sophisticated methods for...

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Coronavirus – Update: 18.05.2020

As of 2 June 2020, in addition to the online examinations, which could already be started gradually in the last two weeks, presence examinations will...

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Fritz Sauter

TU Wien mourns the death of Prof. Sauter, who yet unexpectedly passed away.

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Niklas Luhmann in the lab

Using an ultra-thin gold layer, scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) succeeded in creating an almost optimal infrared absorber. Possible applications range...

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Connections are growing between the neurons inside different buckyballs.

Using microscopically fine 3D printing technologies from TU Wien (Vienna) and sound waves used as tweezers at Stanford University (California), tiny...

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When hydrogen is incorporated into the nickelate structure, it is not a superconductor.

Nickel is supposed to herald a new age of superconductivity – but this is proving more difficult than expected. Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) can now...

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1L steel reactor in the laboratory of Miriam Unterlass
© Miriam Unterlass / TU Wien

Although organic plastics are not harmful to the environment themselves, toxic substances are often used during their synthesis. TU Wien shows - there...

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[Translate to English:] Corona-Update

TU Wien works continuously on solutions for the benefit of its students and lecturers. The Federal Government has also made legal changes for the 2020...

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