Aviation-certified CFRP and aluminumwith cutout of an aircraft cabin window

Machining for highest quality and optimization of CFRP and Inconel components

machining of a precision part

High-speed machining of Inconel 718

Vibrating spindle with hydraulic actuator

New machining technologies for highest quality – Advanced VAM | deterministic MHP

Advanced vibration-assisted machining – VAM

  • considerable improvements of tool life and chip breaking are possible compared to conventional VAM methods 
  • improved chip breaking, optimized chip removal, reduced cutting forces, longer tool life
  • improved quality of the finished workpiece – reduced fraying, delamination, chipping at tool exit
  • particularly efficient for machining of aircraft material, like CFRP and stacks

Innovation level:

  • design and operation of a vibrating spindle with a hydraulic actuator for the z-axis and piezoelectric actuators for the x- and y-axis
  • allowing for highly effective low-frequency oscillations with amplitudes of about 100 to 400 μm along the z-axis


Surface functionalization by deterministic machine hammer peening

  • specific manipulation of structure (roughness, smoothness, micro-geometry) and hardness as well as the magnetic, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties of technical surfaces
  • reduction of flow resistance
  • replacement of manual polishing processes and/or substitution of thermal hardening processes
  • synchronous monitoring of material characterization and detection of material inhomogeneities during the process of machining
  • invisible 3-dimensional coding option for components
  • due to an automated machining process, integration into existing process chains – without reclamping the workpiece

Innovation level:

  • unique actuator system allowing for control and monitoring of the entire mechanical surface treatment process in-lin
  • due to the highly dynamic short-stroke linear reluctance motor each single movement of the hammer can be accurately set and controlled
  • acceleration values of available systems are exceeded by a factor of ten and more
  • offering protection against undesirable kickback forces on machine components


Machining for highest quality of CFRP and Inconel components

  • Optimizing the production of CFRP parts
  • High-speed machining of Ni-based alloys, like Inconel

Level of expertise:

  • IFT at TU Wien has more than 40 years of experience with innovations in the field of machine tools and machining
  • expertise from a large number of scientific projects and cooperation enable highly competent consulting and efficient implementation of innovations
  • comprehensive improvement of individual manufacturing processes
  • access to a diverse network of experienced tool and machine manufacturers
  • trustful and efficient co-operation
  • rapid implementation of innovation idea


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