Talented and motivated people interested in our research are encouraged to get in contact, to discuss options to join the group as young PIs, postdocs or PhD students. 

I have experience and can provide support and advice for applications to EU & Austrian funding agencies

All applications should be sent by email and comprise: (1) A short cover letter describing your previous research experience and what motivates you to work with us. (2) A full CV. (3) Contact details of two referees.


Current open positions

PhD position

We offer a 3-year PhD position in Vector field magnetic imaging, shared between TU Wien and the University of Vienna in Austria. The project is funded via the FGG project “VMAG”: Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Amalio Fernández-Pacheco (TU Wien) and Dr. Claas Abert (Uni Wien).

For more details about the open PhD position, please download the following PDF.