Open positions will be posted regularly here.

Talented and motivated people interested in our research are encouraged to get in contact, to discuss options to join the group as young PIs, postdocs or PhD students. 

I have experience and can provide support and advice for applications to EU & Austrian funding agencies

All applications should be sent by email and comprise: (1) A short cover letter describing your previous research experience and what motivates you to work with us. (2) A full CV. (3) Contact details of two referees.


Current open positions

PhD position

We offer a 3-year PhD position in Vector field magnetic imaging, shared between TU Wien and the University of Vienna in Austria. The project is funded via the FGG project “VMAG”: Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Amalio Fernández-Pacheco (TU Wien) and Dr. Claas Abert (Uni Wien).

For more details about the open position, please download the PDF.