Will the application I have already submitted be processed?

We want to continue to respect our applicants with timely responses and we are therefore making every effort to keep you informed of the current status of the process on an ongoing basis. Generally, delays can unfortunately occur, as staff are working from home and, despite some of them having other care responsibilities, continue to do their best to support you throughout the process. We request your understanding in this regard!

Will the current application process continue?

TU Wien will not be halting its advertising and application processes. However, the current situation also affects the overall application process and we have to adapt to current circumstances. This means that it may be necessary to extend application deadlines in exceptional circumstances due to the current situation, to enable the process to be completed (please note the updates and notices directly in advertisements in this regard). The specified start date may also need to be postponed, as physical attendance at the university is only possible to continue what is absolutely necessary (emergency operation).

What do the current circumstances mean for a potential interview?

Interviews are currently conducted virtually. This is mainly done using tools such as Skype, Go-to-meeting, etc.

TIP: Please check your technical equipment, such as your web cam and microphone, and make sure you are somewhere suitably quiet for the video interview. Ideally, this should be somewhere without too many distractions or too much noise and with good lighting conditions.

If you find a particular tool isn't working for you, please tell us so that we can find a solution.