The electricity market is being affected by increasing load and price fluctuations. Growing electricity consumption – including for electric mobility and ICT – is coming up against more widespread decentralised energy generation from wind and sun power, which can be subject to major fluctuations. Grid operators are facing ever greater challenges to stabilise their networks. Attempts are being made to counter load fluctuations and supply bottlenecks by expanding electricity networks. At the same time, major consumers and all electricity suppliers are encountering highly fluctuating electricity prices that are difficult to predict, and are searching for flexible storage options to minimise their risks.

Approach: Pumped storage plants in the low power category of 0.5 MW to 15 MW can function as short-term storage and store energy within a few minutes, or feed the stored energy back into the grid. In terms of the reservoirs required, snow reservoirs can be used in the Alpine region, disused mines can be used in former mining regions, and fire protection ponds or other water reservoirs or existing high-pressure plants can be utilised in other areas.