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FAQ Industry Relations

Any project that constitutes the initiation of cooperation between business and science can be funded e.g.:

  • Preparation of innovation projects (new processes or products)
  • Technical expertise to safeguard new business ideas or new business areas
  • Advice on processing novel customer orders
  • Neutral technical expertise before investment decisions or for the settlement of disputes
  • Solving technical production problems
  • Technical support in quality assurance
  • Implementing the first scientific services (such as special measurements, analyses)
  • Feasibility studies in the specified working framework

Any Vienna company with an active business licence in the Vienna Economic Chamber.

Consultation services 

Brief consultation
Initial discussion with TU Vienna expert; project definition and delimitation, in-depth analysis and recommendation for implementation measures and further procedure. Wirtschaftskammer Wien covers the entire cost share of € 800,- (flat rate).

Focus consultation
Further or more in-depth consultation, e.g. support in the conception of a joint application for funding; carrying out initial measurements, analyses, etc. at TU Vienna hourly rate for external consulting services of € 150,-/h .
Wirtschaftskammer Wien assumes a cost subsidy of € 40,-/h for a maximum of 40 hours. Young companies (younger than 3 years) are subsidised with € 60,-/h.

You can find an overview of the expertise in research focus areas of TU Wien and the associated topics at: https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/fpl/search.xhtml, opens an external URL in a new window 

We are also very happy to support you in finding the right expert for your research issues. Please feel free to contact us! wirtschaftskooperationen@tuwien.ac.at or +43-1-58801-415249

As soon as the appropriate TUW experts have been found, please send an e-mail to unternehmensberatung@wkw.at  with your contact details and relevant information about the project:

  • Topic and short description of the consulting content in a few sentences
  • Name of the researcher
  • Approximate scope and hourly rate: "As agreed with TU Vienna (150 EUR/h)".

After positive approval of funding by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, the company concludes a consulting agreement with the experts. After completion of the consulting, the company receives all project documents (consulting report, invoice).
The company is obliged to pay the full amount of the consulting fee in advance. The promised subsidy amount will be refunded by WK Wien after submission of the settlement documents.

The brief consultation (first interview) is 100% subsidised (max. € 800,-).
For the focus consultation, the company receives a subsidy of € 40,-/h for up to 40h, young companies receive € 60,-/h.
The hourly rate of the TU Vienna for these consulting services is € 150,-/h.

This kind of funding (initial discussion, brief consultation, project consultation) may be used by Vienna-based companies once per year.

All employees of TU Wien and of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce are obliged to maintain confidentiality.
On request, we can additionally set up a non-disclosure agreement.