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TU Forum Special Edition Research Café: Saving the World with Process Engineering (November 17, 2016)

What does brewing coffee have to do with producing sustainable energy and safe water quality? Quite simply: all topics reflect the wide variety of process technology. Reason enough to invite process engineering to the coffee house and to create a "research café".

Talking about saving the world is also by no means exaggerated. Process engineering is largely concerned with global problems, such as environmentally friendly and efficient water or energy supply.

The experts on the podium: Stefan Müller (TU Wien), Georg Reischer (TU Wien and ICC Water & Health) and Regina Sommer (Medical University of Vienna and ICC Water & Health)

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TU Forum | Sonderedition Forschungscafé: Mit Verfahrenstechnik die Welt retten

20th TU Forum: Ein Upgrade für die Industrie (March 30, 2016)

Machines that exchange information about their work: Industry 4.0 will not only change our technology, but also our working world.

The development of economy and industry is not completely continuous. Sometimes there are abrupt leaps in development and revolutions - such as the invention of the steam engine, electricity and digitalization. Now another industrial revolution is on the horizon: In the future, devices will automatically communicate with each other, coordinate with each other and solve problems without the need for human input.

A wide variety of devices will exchange data via an "Internet of Things". Production and logistics will automatically be able to respond to special customer requirements, which today can only be implemented in a complex and expensive manner. In the factory of the future, the production of custom-made products in small quantities will be possible without problems. Of course, this will also entail major changes in our professional world.  

The experts on the podium: Detlef Gerhard (TU Wien), Schahram Dustdar (TU Wien), Silvia Angelo (AK Wien), Stefan Petsch (Siemens Österreich AG)

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20. TU Forum: Ein Upgrade für die Industrie

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