Overview of operation

  • Upgrade to Rails 5
  • Optimisation of release process (QA, automated tests, dev releases)
  • Optimisation Red Hat OpenShift

Fast Lane

  • Classification of approved studies as 'Double Degree' studies
  • Overview page for appointment coordinator
  • Welcome e-mail for new employees
  • Interface for anniversary homepage
  • Modification of tutor's notice of employment (reduction to 2 pages)
  • New exemption reason for doctorate
  • Support for ESS replacement
  • Interface for bulletin (Faculty of Informatics)

LVA evaluation 2.0

Support for the revised evaluation process -- including redesign of the evaluation form, individual evaluation periods for LVA, ad hoc evaluations of individual lectures.
Progress: start of pilot phase, completion of questionnaire, anonymisation and administrative views, inclusion of pilot LVA, ongoing coordination of prototypes

Admission procedures and aptitude tests

Mapping of the admission/selection process and review of course suitability in TISS.
Progress: survey actual process in the Faculty of Informatics, adoption of Faculty of Informatics software, requirements analysis, start of development

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies is a new course type that is available for enrolment in 2018W. TISS is to be prepared to support this course type. 
Progress: modifications to degree, degree certificate, graduation

Refactoring LVA administration

Revision of the code in LVA administration to increase performance and maintainability. Bug fixes and new functions are currently unnecessarily difficult to implement.
Progress: switchover to TISS ID, switchover of database triggers, separation of LVA info and lecturers for database queries


Central administration of internal documents is being introduced in the GUT service unit. Document storage is standardised, which enables more efficient filing and searching.  Alfresco is used as the product.
Progress: analysis of requirements regarding document storage and extensive hierarchical metadata catalogues. Workshop with Alfresco consultants to enable optimal implementation of requirements, design of a new storage concept.

Advertisement workflow - workflow engine

An electronic advertisement workflow in TISS is designed to support the search for and replacement of personnel whilst avoiding the current variety of forms with overlapping content. 
Progress: define and fix the workflow for general personnel. Create initial screens and develop communication between Activiti and TISS. Tests with initial workflows.

Organisation NEW - workflow engine

Support requests for structure change and conferral of authority through TISS workflows.
Progress: requirements survey, creation of forms, definition of workflows

NEW mailings

Revision of the mass mailing system. It should be possible to create lists of recipients automatically – less manual work.
Progress: testing, documentation, training, publishing

Organisation NEW

As a result of changes to TU Wien's organisational structure, modifications are required in the IT systems, and thus also in TISS. Additional objectives: improved and standardised presentation of the organisational structure across TU Wien, process optimisation between SAP and TISS.
Progress: release personnel reconciliation, translation lists, internal orders, possible modifications in pilot mode, interface modifications, training documents created, transfer of organisational units, preparation for conversion beginning 2019.

Locking system

Expansion and modification of an electronic locking system – includes the provision and validity of access cards, as well as the views for door and area management.
Progress: on hold due to intensive work on TUcard.


Logical allocation of TU card responsibilities and introduction of the "External" card type for WMA. Optimisation of the production and procurement process.  Step 1 – Locate student cards in STAB.  Step 2 – Locate employee cards in GUT security lodges.  Step 3 – Switchover of guest cards, cards for other employees and library cards. 
Progress: work on TUcard 'Guest' (reconciliation of workflow, redesign of card ordering process, optimisation of card statuses and overview of all card types), new card type access, which is designated as key card for fire service, etc., requirement specification for library card.

Library orders

Replace library order processes that require information about user roles or OUs.
Progress: completion, documentation

Reference process - online application

Mapping and support of Illustration and support of appointment procedures in TISS. 
Progress: interface enhancements in eRecruiter, modifications to application form in eRecruiter, connection of eRecruiter to TISS.


Improvements and additional features to better support the Dean's Offices' workflow. 
Progress: certificate splitting, improvements to degree documents, improvement of usability certificate assignment, degree

Integration of online payment

Implementation of a central e-payment service at TU Wien.  (EPS, credit cards, Maestro) with SIX payment service provider.  Initial merchants are planned for payment of student fees, replacement TUcard fees, TU software, admission fees and conferences.
Progress: integration of student software (TU.it) into the e-payment. Start with admission fees (Informatics, Architecture and Spatial Planning admission procedure) (SIX merchant system). Start of integration of MRX file (creation of an SAP import file based on actual postings)

Research portfolio

In 2015, the TISS research portfolio was implemented as a successor and extension of the TISS performance database. The implementation had to be done for various reasons, which in many places meant compromises regarding planned functionalities. The production system still contains a number of errors in various places or incomplete elements that need to be purged (facelift).
Progress: major troubleshooting and facelift completed (classification of entries, standardisation of data sources regarding research matrix and research foci, creation of reference projects, etc.).

Further development of project database

Extension of project database functionalities. Implementation of the requirements from the subject memory of the VR research test group.
Progress: implementation full costs yes/no, pure research funding/research cooperation, improvements in workflow or user interface, requirements analysis data import.

Publication Database New

Implementation and design of a new publication database in TISS.  Integration of open source software into TU Wien's IT systems.
Progress: stakeholder analysis and subsequent requirements analysis and preparation of a draft schedule (delays due to unclear areas of responsibility). Start with implementation: migration, incorporation into submission process, creation of authorisation concept, preparation and start of single sign-on, interface analysis.

Direct import of lecturers and tutors

TUWIS was replaced in 2017 and TISS's lecturers and tutors were transferred to SAP via .csv files (complicated). Aim: direct import of TISS into SAP, simultaneous data comparison to enable direct resolution of data conflicts.
Progress: on hold due to resource bottlenecks regarding SAP development (interface SAP / TISS), small improvements in teaching control, it was possible to complete the list and/or make payments for teaching staff in TISS itself, code refactoring of LVA administration results in improved data quality in the payment for teaching staff.

TUdo in on-boarding

On-boarding is currently a pool of requirements, for a standard recruitment process for new employees (GUT, personnel admin., etc.) Should also facilitate internal administration for existing employees (training, PSA, key, etc.). A management page is planned at OU level (Dept., Inst., FAB, FOB, etc.) with mechanisms such as auto-notification (new employee needs PSA).
Progress: initial designs and implementation in the form of TUdos; creation of TUdo lists with various triggers (e.g.: new employee is created); basic considerations for the new service; finalisation/go live of the welcome e-mail to new employees.