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How the introduction of remote work solutions in a team can work

The work environment of tomorrow is taking place less and less in the office itself. Digital technologies support this process, and the pandemic has accelerated it rapidly. But how do you prepare such a process properly?

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The work environment is in a state of upheaval, accelerated not least by the Corona pandemic. In many areas, office work no longer has to happen tied to a physical office. There are now many digital solutions for how teams can work together and still not be on site. There are countless technical possibilities. The lockdowns in recent years, including the compulsory home office, have shown how such a thing can be achieved overnight in an unplanned manner. But what does it look like when intensified home office is organised and implemented in a planned manner in one area? What needs to be considered in such a changeover process?

Martin Kolassa, Head of Finance at TU Wien, went through such a change in his team even before the pandemic. He tells us how he approached the topic and what he learned from the change, opens an external URL in a new window