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VBW Dissertation Award 2022

The prize is awarded for an outstanding industry-related dissertation from 2022 at the interface between business and technology.

Sebastian Schlund, Christina Schmidbauer, Alfred Zimmermann (v.l.n.r.)

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Sebastian Schlund, Christina Schmidbauer, Alfred Zimmermann (f.l.t.r.)

As part of the networking meeting of the Institute of Management Sciences on 13.12.2023, the prize was presented by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlund (Institute Director, Institute of Management Sciences) and Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Zimmermann (President of the VBW / Verein zur Förderung der betriebswissenschaftlichen Forschung und Ausbildung) to the winner Drin. Christina Schmidbauer.

The dissertation entitled "Adaptive Task Sharing Between Humans and Cobots in Assembly Processes" presents a method for adaptive task sharing between a human and a collaborative robot (cobot) in assembly processes. The method presented in the dissertation consists of a task analysis, a preassignment of tasks, and a task visualization method. Results of the evaluation of the work showed a potential improvement in the economic efficiency of the processes and the physical ergonomics of the workers using the cobot. Mental ergonomics are improved by making task allocation more flexible, as this counteracts the monotonous way of working owing to higher task diversity. Furthermore, the satisfaction of the workers with the task allocation increases when using this method compared to not using this

method. In addition, the method can be used to enable flexibility to produce different batch sizes, as different task allocations result in economic efficiency depending on the batch size.