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Successful start for FAIR Office Austria

Representatives from ministries, universities and the GO FAIR initiative gave presentations on the topic of FAIR from different angles. The recordings and presentation slides of the event are now available.

Title slide of the launch event

On 9 June, the FAIR Office Austria, opens an external URL in a new window, which was developed and set up as part of the FAIR Data Austria, opens an external URL in a new window project, was officially opened in an online event with numerous presentations and participants. The topics of the presentations varied, focusing on European developments and the technical side of FAIR in addition to the activities of GO FAIR. Case studies were used to explain how the FAIR principles facilitate the handling of sensitive data and the cooperation between different institutions.

The launch event was a first step of FAIR Office Austria towards its self-set goals of networking stakeholders from research and service institutions and jointly advancing the implementation of the FAIR principles in Austria. The next milestone relates to the establishment of a closer link to the global GO FAIR initiative and is coming up soon: as of tomorrow, FAIR Office Austria will be the official GO FAIR National Support and Coordination Office for Austria.

Material for review

The presentation slides and video recordings of the launch event are now available for viewing in the Phaidra Collection FAIR Office Austria Launch Event, opens an external URL in a new window. Additionally, all presentations are listed individually in the following overview:

Presentation slides


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