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Study abroad in Vancouver

Andreas Novi, Participant of the General Management MBA, Class 2013-2015 took part in a study trip to Vancouver. Read what he has to say about his experience.


“The British Columbia University (BCU) offers excellent faculty and a highly effective learning method, therefore enabling a large transfer of know how in the field of business valuation and private equity. The workload, however, is quite high due to the high number of case studies. To me, the teaching approach was appealing: in the morning, theory was taught in class while in the afternoon we worked on practice-oriented case studies in groups. This also helped us getting to know our fellow students and to make friends. I was a bit disappointed that the class consisted mostly of Austrian students and that only two native speakers were in class with us.

The professors of the two modules were highly qualified and co-operative: the teaching was very interactive due to the case studies and not a monologue. We had a lot of reading material for homework, but this was very informative and enriching. The final papers complemented what we had learned so far.

The long weekend between the two modules offers the possibility to get to know Canada. You can go to Vancouver Island, visit the Rocky Mountains or make a short visit or shopping trip to Seattle, in the US.

I can highly recommend the participation in an international field study to any student of the General Management MBA, who is up to reading many case studies. Especially the BCU will give you a real value-added in the field of banking. In addition, you can meet new people."

Within the General Management MBA, participants have the opportunity to go on an international field study, in addition to classes in Vienna and Krems. Currently, study trips to Hong Kong, Vancouver, Colorado and the Silicon Valley are being offered.