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Student Life Hacks: Student topics brought into focus

With the Student Life Hacks 2022+, more students than ever were involved in the projects this year. And the results show that many things at TU Wien are developing exactly as the students would like them to.

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In this almost completed year, the Student Life Hacks broke new ground: for the first time, students were asked directly to select the topics that were most important to them from a pool of topics. The topic pool was created from a large number of individual ideas that have been submitted to the .digital offie over the years and have now been condensed, bundled and prioritized. Projects for direct implementation were developed from the three top topics that emerged from the voting. These projects mainly revolved around how students deal with the wide range of services offered by TU Wien. This was analyzed, always with a focus on the opinions of the students.

Where can I find the services for students?

The three projects took a closer look at how exactly calendar entries and calendars are handled, access to the numerous TU services and topics for final thesis at TU Wien are found.

Two of the projects have already been successfully completed. All TU Wien students were invited to contribute their opinions. The multi-stage process consisted of individual interviews and workshops and was accompanied by a large-scale survey, which enabled the project team to gain a wide range of insights into tried-and-tested tools.

At the same time, it became clear that many of the items on the students' wish list are already being actively implemented. The idea of an individual start page for studies will be made possible with the latest TUWEL update. The presentation of current dates also corresponds to the opinions of the student body. As a result, smaller sub-areas can be considered for further development, which could further improve the systems.  

The project team would once again like to thank all students who have contributed with their opinions! Your participation is what makes the success of the projects possible.