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Status of .dcall projects: Initial completed projects

Many experts at TU Wien are actively working together on shaping the digital transformation in their fields, bringing their perspectives to the challenge. With this in mind, in the early summer of 2020 the Rector called for project proposals to be submitted on the subject of digitalization. The first of those projects have already been completed.

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Subject variety

The winning projects of the .dcall focus groups (FKG) from the areas of research, administration and infrastructure cover a broad range of subjects. Some address urgent issues regarding university administration, others focus on the upgrade and digitalization of file processing, archiving tasks and TU infrastructure (links: process optimisation case management system, digital workflow, digital media classroom) or the availability and quality of various information, such as building and environmental data (links: cross-disciplinary sharing of environmental data, Smart Campus, Virtual Building Data Tool).

In the second area of .dcall on the subject of teaching, many projects focus on digital knowledge transfer. As a result, many distance learning problems associated with the coronavirus situation are being tackled (links: SecTULab, digiLab IDS, RemoteChemEng). Exciting tools promoting interactivity and creativity are also being integrated into TUWEL (links: creative loft, co-creative urban planning, AR-supported teaching). Also on the subject of mass teaching, some .dcall teaching projects are providing a framework for developing solutions for high-quality knowledge transfer in lectures with several hundred students (ProgEval, links, peer reviewing in mass teaching, gamification of digital labs).

Some projects are in progress, others are complete

The first of 18 winning projects from both .dcalls began in June 2020. Despite current planning difficulties, most of these projects are going to plan. Only one project is considerably behind schedule, but this will not jeopardise its completion.  The .digital office supports project managers with organisational tasks, advises them on issues and monitors project progress. Various formats for presenting project successes are also available - the next one is likely to be in the .digital update in mid-May.

The two projects "Video-Webrecording as a Service" and "Jupyter as a Service" have already been successfully completed.

The next phase

Encouraged by the foreseeable success of the first .dcall, a further invitation to tender is already being considered for 2021. Here, we look forward to proposals that follow up on "success stories" from .dcall 2020 as much as new proposals on how to further shape the digitalization strategy. We shall keep you informed of application details and deadlines.

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