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„Staatspreis Patent“ or Michael Harasek and his team

For the fourth time in a row, the award for the best Austrian patent goes to the TU Wien: The prize was awarded for an electrochemical technology for the processing of hydrogen. We congratulate Michael Harasek and his team!

[Translate to English:] Prof. Michael Harasek holds the trophy in his hand - to his left, Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler.

The happy winning team presents the trophy. 

The "Staatspreis Patent" is the highest state award for inventions in Austria. For the fourth time, the prize was awarded on April 26, 2023 - and for the fourth time, the main prize went to an invention from TU Wien.

The award went to Prof. Michael Harasek and his team for the development of a method for filtering out hydrogen that is transported with natural gas and recovering it cleanly - with a very high degree of purity so that the hydrogen can then be used for many different applications.