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State Prize Patent

from left to right: Martin Miltner and Werner Liemberger (Vienna University of Technology), Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler, Michael Harasek (Vienna University of Technology), President of the Patent Office Mariana Karepova and juror Henriette Spyra

© Austrian Patent Office/APA Photo Service/Juhasz

The State Prize Patent is the highest award for Austrian inventions and was awarded for the fourth time on April 26, 2023, by Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler and the Austrian Patent Office.

“We urgently need innovations that address and solve the problems of our time. Many of the winning ideas make an important contribution to a climate-friendly future for all of us,” says Leonore Gewessler.

This year, the prize for the best patent went to the Vienna University of Technology for the research by Michael Harasek and his team on the subject of "Hydrogen treatment using electrochemical separation technology". The importance of hydrogen as an energy carrier is increasing. This research aims to use the existing infrastructure of the gas network for the transport of hydrogen and clean recovery.