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Resilience - just a buzzword? An analysis of Austrian strategies for infrastructure development

As part of the RESIST research project, the project team has presented the first interim report, opens an external URL in a new window. In it, Johannes Suitner and Alexander Authried describe the results of their content analysis of 123 concepts, strategies and reports on the development of critical infrastructure  in the urban regions of Austria.

The aim of the analysis was to find out whether resilience plays a significant role in the documents, how the concept is defined, and whether it serves as a principle for action for strategic policy decisions in the development of critical infrastructure systems in Austria's city regions. The result: While the term has once again been fuelled by climate and health crises at the strategic level since 2018, resilience remains a largely undefined buzzword. Instead, purely technical concerns such as security of supply continue to dominate, competing with socio-ecological and socio-economic perspectives of systemic transformation.