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RemiHub is awarded by the VCÖ!

Our research project RemiHub has once again prevailed!

Heavy Pedals employee with cargo bike cycling away from a logistics hall of Wiener Linien

© Helmer (Wiener Linien)

In the background, several Wiener Linien buses are parked in a covered hall, while a Heavy Pedals employee cycles away from the logistics hall on a cargo bike.

For the VCÖ Mobility Award Vienna, opens an external URL in a new window, different projects are compared in terms of innovativeness and sustainability.
This year, 83 projects were submitted for the prize. Of the 83 submissions, the best three projects were awarded prizes and our RemiHub project is right up there with them!

Project idea

The aim is to make inner-city freight transport throughout the EU predominantly CO2-free by 2030. One of the major challenges is the localisation of suitable logistics areas within the city. To ensure that these ambitions do not just remain wishful thinking but become reality, an innovative solution was found within the framework of our project: During off-peak periods, existing public transport areas such as depots and garages can be used as micro-hubs. In concrete terms, this means that goods can be delivered from these locations to the customers in a climate-friendly way using transport bicycles.


This idea was already put to the test in cooperation with Wiener Linien, the transport bike service Heavy Pedals and the parcel service DPD, which was very successful and showed that the concept can also be used in other cities.

More information about RemiHub can be found on the project website, opens an external URL in a new window.