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Lively interest from research support units how RDM works in Austria

68 participants from 34 different research institutions throughout Austria took part in the online workshop “RDM in Austria. Exchange of experience on consulting and services”, held on 29 June 2020.

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Katharina Rieck, Open Science Manager at the FWF, presented her experiences since the introduction of a mandatory research data policy one and a half years ago. Since the new application guidelines require a data management plan for all projects, Ms. Rieck gave feedback on the DMPs received and reported on frequent queries from researchers. She provided insights into the FWF's evaluation processes and how other European countries are implementing their DMPs.

Barbara Sánchez, Head of the TU Wien Center for Research Data Management, reported on RDM services and support from the perspective of a research institution. She was able to confirm that those inquiries that the FWF received most frequently were also recurring topics in DMP consultations. These included terms such as Open Data and FAIR as well as ambiguities regarding ownership and legal frameworks.

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50% of the workshop was dedicated to a joint activity with the participants to learn about the current experiences with RDM at Austrian research institutions. A consensus of participants, whether from libraries, legal departments or research services: Personal support for researchers plays an important role.

First suggestions were made regarding the question of how structured networking of RDM support units in Austria could look like. It was important to the participants that there should be no double initiatives and that the events should be inclusive, i.e. also open to extra-mural research institutions. Ms. Rieck informed that further information on follow-up events would be available in autumn.

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