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Better support for projects in implementation

Projects can be small or large. They should all be well managed - which often involves enormous administrative effort. A project at the Faculty of Physics aims to provide support here.

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At the TU Wien, research and development projects are implemented on an ongoing basis. Although the projects are highly diverse in their goals and implementation steps, they must still be able to map a similar framework. This concerns, for example, the presentation of the financial possibilities at any time, or also a suitable way of communicating the goals of the project "to the outside world".

The project ProSaaS - Project Support as a Service - wants to create better and clearer support here. What was started as an idea within the framework of .dcall 2021 is now being advanced as a digitalization focus within the framework of the target agreements of the Faculty of Physics - and this with the involvement of all faculties and a wide range of administrative service units of TU Wien. Prof. Thorsten Schumm, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, explains in the current issue of the .digital news bits series what the implementation steps of the project are:, opens an external URL in a new window