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22nd Vienna Railway Colloquium

Markus Lagler and Norbert Ostermann on the presentation stage

© Marton Varhomoki

Presentation of Markus Lagler, MSc

The Vienna Railway Colloquium, founded by the former head of the Track-based Transport Systems research Unit, Prof. Norbert Ostermann, took place for the 22nd time on March 7 and 8, 2024. This year's colloquium focused on the topic of "regional railways", with an additional focus on inspiring insights and innovative solutions. The experts engaged in intensive discussions with the audience about the future of regional railways, from infrastructure optimization to alternative drive technologies. The 22nd Vienna Railway Colloquium was also of noteworthy importance from the point of view of the Track-bound Transport Systems research area. On the one hand, the research area was represented in the form of a specialist lecture by Univ.-Ass. Markus Lagler on the subject of alternative drives on regional railways. In addition, the technical organization and management of the Vienna Railway Colloquium was taken over for the last time this year by Prof. Norbert Ostermann and will in future be the responsibility of Ass. Prof. Bernhard Rüger, who took over the moderation on the second day.