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Planning the next decade of FAIR

End of January 2024, a group of international experts laid the ground work for a roadmap on improved and wider adoption of FAIR principles and data AI readiness.

Photo of a large room with rows of seats that rise towards the back and are partially filled with people.

© Gitanjali Yadav (LinkedIn)

The participants on day five of the Lorentz conference.

Three weeks ago, the GO FAIR Austria office had the honour of participating in the Lorentz conference, “The Road to FAIR and Equitable Science”, in Leiden, Netherlands, together with 50 international representatives of various interest groups. The conference's topic was to discuss the FAIR development challenges ahead of us, aiming to devise a roadmap for the next decade to address these challenges. Florina Piroi from the TU Wien Center for Research Data Management represented the Austrian GO FAIR section at the event.

The five-day conference began with a look back and a reflection on ten years of FAIR. Notably, the FAIR principles also emerged from a Lorentz conference back then. On days two, three, and four, the discussion focussed on machine usability, equitable access to data and services (which are not part of the FAIR principles), and the requirements for AI-ready data creation. The topics were discussed by various stakeholders, including publishing organisations, policymakers, and research institutions.

On the last day of the event, in the presence of further representatives of the public and private sectors, the outcomes of the previous days’ work were presented for review and discussion. Shortly, the conference’s outputs will be refined, and the roadmap will be established.

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