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Data monetization: Data, the future oil as source of benefit

Ever imagined to communicate with your car? AI makes this supernatural experience possible and pushes the automotive sector on a new level. ‚Vehicle will become more like smartphones‘  software defined and personalized vehicles, experts state.

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Do you also dream of a start-up in the automotive industry? During the MBA, MBA graduate Hielke Ytsma built two companies as a spin-off with two other graduates: Connected Data and CarQall, the world's first connected conversation platform that handles all automotive phone calls using state-of-the-art AI technology.

The automotive industry will predominantly be shaped by the driving experience, Ytsma states: the driving experience will dominate as one of the most important features when buying a car and will be perfectly tailored to individual customer needs. AI makes it possible: it literally reads customer wishes from an ever-growing amount of data - customer needs can be met by 100% in the future. Connecting all social media brings consumer behavior to the surface and allows trends to be identified. While the automotive industry has previously focused on the hardware of a car, there is now a shift towards driving as an experience, predicts AI expert Ytsma. What is popular in urbanization is individualism paired with environmental awareness.

In a changing automotive landscape, AI technologies are also the key to improving customer relationships and increasing efficiency. On the one hand, AI increases customer satisfaction and, on the other hand, enables better use of manpower. “This is a significant change: you have to digitize wherever you can – AI is always on time, always friendly and never forgets,” said the young start-up entrepreneur. The credo is “Digital where possible, human where necessary”.

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