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Manuel Ederer awarded with the Fritz Grasenick Prize

Manuel Ederer at the electron microscope

Manuel Ederer, PhD student at USTEM, was awarded the Fritz Grasenick Prize this year by the Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy, opens an external URL in a new window for his work in the orbital mapping project. 

Electronic states are responsible for most of the macroscopic properties of materials in our daily lives. From electrical properties to the nature of chemical bonding, everything is ultimately determined by the specific state of the electronic orbitals. Models exist that describe the electronic states in bulk materials, but direct observation of these states in real space has proved impossible until recently. His contribution to this still elusive goal was to present the spatial distribution of graphene orbitals mapped experimentally with STEM-EELS and their remarkable agreement with theoretical simulations.

We congratulate warmly!

Awarded paper:
M. Bugnet, M. Ederer et al., Phys Rev Lett 128 (2022) 116401
Imaging the Spatial Distribution of Electronic States in Graphene Using Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy: Prospect of Orbital Mapping, opens an external URL in a new window