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Welcome Reception of the General Management MBA Class 2015-2017

The postgraduate General Management MBA jointly carried out by the TU Wien and the Danube University Krems started successfully for the 16th time in the row on November 13, 2015.

Welcome Reception General Management MBA

Among the 19 international participants there are 9 women, making this class one with the highest percentage of female participants in the last years and in the overall history of the General Management MBA.The new students mostly have a technical background as far as their education and work experience is concerned. We are particularly pleased that 3 alumni of TU Wien are returning to their Alma Mater to participate in this MBA program.

With the MBA program the students want to prepare for the next step in their career. In the first two semesters of the program they will acquire the basic business knowledge and management tools, while in the third semester they can choose specialization classes.

The MBA program was officially opened by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg  (Academic Director at TU Wien), Mag. Petra Aigner (Managing Director, Continuing Education Center of TU Wien), Irina Bauchinger, MA (Program Manager Danube University Krems) and Catherina Purrucker (Program Manager TU Wien). After introducing themselves, the participants had the chance to get to know each other before their first class and teambuilding with Dr. Doris Weyer.

The team of TU Wien and Danube University Krems wish their students a good start in the General Management MBA and all the best for the upcoming 4 semesters!