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Circular economy as a way out of the climate crisis

As part of the Corporate Impact Solutions, the TU Wien Academy trained the Berlin-based consulting firm eolos GmbH on the topic of Material Flow Analysis

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Rapidly advancing climate change poses enormous challenges for our society. Of central importance is the change from a linear economic model ("throwaway economy") to a circular economy, where the focus is on maximizing the value of resources. At the latest since the Green Deal of the European Union, many companies and organizations are also dealing with the topic of Circular Economy and are looking for relevant expertise.

Berlin-based eolos GmbH, opens an external URL in a new window is an industrial consulting company that supports companies in making their business models and processes more sustainable while remaining profitable. The principles of the Circular Economy are used as a scientifically based framework.

At the end of January 2023, the Corporate Inhouse Program Material Flow Analysis (MFA) took place at eolos GmbH in Berlin. The workshop was conducted by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Johann Fellner from the Research Department Waste Management and Resource Management at the TU Wien. He summarized the importance of the topic like this: "Our economic system is currently facing the great challenge of changing linear material flows in such a way that cycles can be closed. Material flow analyses and in this context the software STAN are an essential tool to analyze these material flows and to develop strategies for closed loop recycling."

For three days, the participants dealt intensively with the basics of resource management as well as material flow analysis. Prof. Fellner presented numerous practical examples of the MFA for sustainable resource and waste management. The participants' own exercises with the STAN software rounded off the seminar.

The feedback of the participants was very positive. Pierre-Yves Cohen, co-founder and CEO of eolos GmbH, sums up as follows: „For eolos as an industrial consultancy, this training was a great opportunity to expand our existing knowledge and capabilities. Material Flow Analysis enables us to analyze the ecological footprint of our customers. In doing so, waste can be reduced in a more targeted manner and resource efficiency can be increased. It complements our existing expertise in carbon footprint assessments, enabling even more focused reduction measures. We thank Prof. Fellner for making it very lively and perfectly addressing our use cases.“

About ACE Corporate Impact Solutions

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