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An AI system has no motivation of its own. As part of the podcast "365 – Über Medien Reden" with Golli Marboe (in German), Sabine Köszegi, our academic director of the EMBA | Innovation, Digitization & Entrepreneurship, Head of the Department of Labor Science and Organization at the Institute of Management Sciences at TU Wien and council chair of the Austrian Council for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology was invited to join as an expert in her field.

Sabine Köszegi

Sabine Köszegi

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Will AI improve the quality of journalism or could they also support journalists in their work? What work can be delegated here, what steps would have to be taken into account in the preparation phase, but also in the - let's call it - supervision?

Can I also incorporate "human dignity" or related rules, ethical approaches with the help of AI - which is a very important approach nowadays - How could this be described? How do I have to approach the formalization in order to be able to use AI in the best possible way here?

Sabine Köszegi pleads for a critical examination in general and for the fact that AI systems can very well learn - she also underlines this with current examples, but that they can also achieve the desired goals through personnel support and the best possible preparation of data, especially with regard to the above mentioned question. But what skillset do I need for this? Analysis of data, pattern recognition, perception and on the other hand technical know-how, Big Data Analysis are further key words here.

How is it in art, how can I replicate creative questions and solutions through AI? Isn't something lost in the process here? Our expert also provides valuable insight into these and more questions and problems.

Sabine Köszegi contributed to the ever-growing mosaic of conversations on the media world through her podcast participation. In this edition, she was able to contribute her expertise on the impact of robotics and AI on work environments, sociotechnical systems, and society in general.


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Golli Marboe born 1965 in Vienna, is father of four children. He works as a freelance journalist, gives lectures on media issues, was responsible for 30 years of TV documentaries for broadcasters throughout Europe, teaches moving image journalism at various universities and is the founder and chairman of the "Association for the Promotion of a Self-Determined Approach to Media" ( You can find more episodes of "365 - Über Medien Reden" here!, opens an external URL in a new window

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