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ISEK hoch 4 - final presentation in Bruneck

Last Monday, on 07 November 2022, the preliminary results of the ISEK4 project were presented during a public presentation in Bruneck (South Tyrol).

Several people can be seen sitting, with posters of the IUDC in the background.

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The mayors and representatives of the federal states at the presentation.

The photo shows the four mayors of the municipalities sitting.

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The mayors of the different cities

The mayors from left to right - Gerhard Köfer, (Spital a.d Drau), Roland Griessmair (Bruneck), Elisabeth Blanik (Lienz) and Leopold Astner (Hermagor)

The photo shows Petra Hirschler from behind and Oskar Januschka with microphone in hand.

© Stadt Lienz

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Petra Hirschler and Oskar Januschke from Lienz City Marketing at the final presentation.

The photo shows a larger group of people outdoors, standing in front of a white building.

© Stadt Bruneck

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Group photo of the final presentation in Bruneck

The photo shows Elio Pescatore at the podium of the presentation.

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Final presentation ISEK4

Elio Pescatore at the final presentation of the ISEK high 4.

[Translate to English:] Das ISEK hoch 4 vor als ausgedruckte Publikation auf einem Tisch

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The integrated concept for the regionally coordinated development of the inner cities of Lienz (East Tyrol), Bruneck (South Tyrol) as well as Spittal an der Drau and Hermagor-Pressegger-See (Upper Carinthia) was presented to mayors, representatives of the Austrian federal provinces as well as press teams. The four cities have been united in the strategic city network SOUTHERN ALPINE SPACE since 2019. ISEK4 pursues the goal of shaping the development of the city centers as well as the entire  SOUTHERN ALPINE SPACE in a sustainable and future-oriented way until 2040.

The interdisciplinary project team of the TU Wien (FoB Regional Planning and Regional Development, FoB Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture, FoB Urban Design) developed Integrated Urban Development Concepts (ISEKs) for the four inner cities in an 8-month process together with the local steering groups. These concepts contain analytical descriptions of the current situation, regionally coordinated visions for the future, integrated development approaches and project outlines for the respective city. Going beyond this "classic" ISEK-approach, a so-called regional symbiosis of development ideas for the four inner cities was developed for the ISEK4 project. This regional approach to inner city development represents the most important innovation of the cross-border project.

"Practice shows that it is increasingly important to develop inner cities according to regional priorities and to establish the basic idea of a regional symbiosis," emphasizes our colleague Petra Hirschler, who led the project.

The results of the ISEK4 have been summarized in a comprehensive planning document. The final version is expected to be publicly available by the end of February 2023.

Further information on the ISEK4 can also be found here under the following link, opens an external URL in a new window, in the latest issue of ÖGZ.