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femTUme x feminism WTF

On 27.04 femTUme invited to the Votivkino to watch the documentary FEMINISM WTF and then to an evening of discussion and exchange about the film.


© Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH

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f.l.t.r.: Julia Fernández Pérez, Jessica Schlossnikl, Johanna Bartlechner, Gabriela Zabik, Dora Zagorac, Carlotta Tubeuf

The documentary FEMINISM WTF, opens an external URL in a new window breaks down the variety of topics that are covered under the term feminism in 2023. The experts from political and social sciences, masculinity studies, gender, queer and trans studies explore the question of how we can all contribute to breaking down power and dependency relationships in order to be a society of the many in solidarity. This involves many current debates:

  • Why do we always talk about only two genders?
  • Why do women* have to do most of the unpaid housework and child-rearing?
  • Why are capitalism and feminism a contradiction?
  • What does European colonialism have to do with today's ideas of sexual freedom and racist stereotypes?
  • Why do we need feminism to save the climate?
  • Why are so few men actually engaged in feminism?

The film provides a lot of input on this broad topic and gives some food for thought, which was also discussed diversely afterwards before moving on to personal exchanges with a relaxed finish.