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Opening of the interdisciplinary project „Schultorparasiten“

The interdisciplinary art and architecture project "Schultorparasiten" will open on January 30, 2020

Child drawing of a palm tree and two people under trees

In the winter semester of 2020, pupils and students, supervised by a team of lecturers from the TU Wien led by Korinna Lindinger (Research Unit Sociology), developed and built three temporary spatial experiments in a ping-pong design process based on their experiences and visions of the school gate. From January 30, 2020, they will nest temporarily in the Bildungsgrätzl.

Opening January 30, 2020, 09:00 a.m.

In Greek antiquity, the parasite was initially regarded as a guest, a table companion who was not necessarily invited. But who tells new things, brings information and stories. In the communication theory of Michel Serre, he also stands for open-ended irritations and encounters.

"The parasitic first represents a disturbance within the system, it stimulates changes and shifts order relations [...]. Parasitic procedures are often temporary in nature [...]. They do not necessarily have to be subversive, but can also enter into symbiotic collaborations." (Sabine Fabo 2007: 52)

Schultorparasiten is an art and architecture project by the Schulgasse elementary school, the Neue Mittelschule Schopenhauerstraße and the Gymnasium Klostergasse with the TU Wien and the Wanderklasse association.
With the support of the district administration of Währing, the Local Agenda 21 and the AUVA. (Image: Collage from designs by Milica and Karolina Rossa)