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Effective leadership - Key Learnings from the Expert Talk with CEO Alfred Wurmbrand

At the expert talk on September 29, 2021 at TU Wien, CEO Alfred Wurmbrand (Würth Handelsges.m.b.H.) shared insights and best practices on leadership with Prof. Wolfgang Güttel, Dean of the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education.

CEO Alfred Wurmbrand, MBA

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CEO Alfred Wurmbrand, MBA

We have summarized the key learnings from the expert talk for you:

>>An essential task of managers is to create and continuously improve operational and strategic environments in their areas of responsibility.

>> The personal and professional development of managers and employees should always be encouraged.

>> Managers should actively listen and act in a solution-oriented manner.

>> "See and understand the meaning behind it": Decision-making processes should be transparent and comprehensible for employees in order to create a positive corporate climate.

>> Own and external expectations should be addressed and made aware.

>> "The worst thing is to believe that you know everything yourself": If necessary, external support and advice are essential.

>> Leadership of executives: It is important to pick up executives, get the ball rolling with new topics and avoid stagnation.

>> Remain curious: Creative freedom comes from curiosity on the part of managers.

>> The potential of new technologies should be recognized and used.


Last but not least, for a successful leadership career, Alfred Wurmbrand believes it is important to "have fun and be authentic."

About the expert: Alfred Wurmbrand

Alfred Wurmbrand MBA is Managing Director of Würth Handelsges.m.b.H. The trained HTL electrical engineer worked for several years in the field of software development and process automation at SIEMENS and ABB and joined Würth for an intra-group software development. He worked for the Eastern companies of the Würth Group for many years and played a major role in several Group projects as well as in company start-ups. His main areas of interest and implementation are change processes and especially the topic of ambidextry.

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