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The winners are … Student Life Hacks 2.0

The Student Life Hacks 2.0 ideas competition is an appeal to students to actively participate in the digital transformation process at TU Wien. The winning ideas have now been nominated. During the summer semester, the focus will be on their implementation.

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Die Student Life Hacks 2.0 Preisträger präsentieren ihre Urkunden.

von links: Vizerektor Josef Eberhardsteiner, Herwig Bauer (Video Cloud), Felix Schneider (Podcast - “What do you TU?”), Michael Jahn (digitaler Studierendenausweis), Bernd Logar, Leiter des .digital office

The Student Life Hacks offer students the opportunity to actively shape their everyday life at TU Wien. The winners of the Student Life Hacks 2.0 were determined by a jury in two steps - awarding scores and a subsequent discussion - from all valid project submissions. Due to a tie in the score and the jury's decision that all four ideas are of equal quality in terms of content, an additional project was chosen in 2021.

However, these top four represent only a fraction of the ideas submitted.

The best project ideas chosen by a jury in the ideas competition were awarded prizes. Now, they will be transferred into project applications and implemented during the coming summer semester. The four new winning projects that TU Wien will implement in 2022 are:

“Card adieu!” : ID 3.0 – the digital student ID card

"Card adieu!" The submission of a "digital student ID" suggests the further development of the student ID: From the credit card format to the smartphone wallet!

Over the past few months, some of our most important documents have settled on our smartphones: we pull it out at entrance checks, for example, to show our current access authorization, and we use it to show our G status in the café. The smartphone helps in avoiding additional paperwork.

The idea of ​​the digital student ID follows the same reasoning: It is stored on the smartphone and is always checked for current status and authenticity in comparison with TU Wien. Equipped with all important information, the digital student ID should open up a multitude of possibilities for the students. The digital implementation allows additional functions to be added through updates. The ID function is therefore only the first step in a possible implementation process.

If you don't know what to do, "TUtor" will help!

"TUtor" is a solution to one of the central questions in the life of students. It reads: "How do I overcome the stumbling blocks in my studies?"

This project idea is about promoting joint learning by networking students. Finding suitable tutors is often a major challenge for students. The "TUtor" platform is intended to help here: Successful students can become tutors on the proposed platform and thus help their colleagues with an offer of tutoring. "Tutor" connects those seeking help and those offering help independently of their own private network. In this way, students can get in touch with colleagues who are particularly familiar with a course, a field of science or an area of knowledge. The TU Wien wide offer should be easily accessible and enable a community through whose support one’s studies can be mastered quickly and successfully.

Studying more flexibly with the "Video Cloud"

Video recordings of lectures enable students to easily review the learning content and allow to make their studies more flexible (not only in distance learning). Recordings of lectures and presentations are part of the everyday life of students as a supplement to classroom lectures. Lecture streaming, recordings and in-depth content can be found on a wide variety of platforms - they are often only linked directly or hidden behind registrations and are therefore difficult to find.

The idea of ​​the new "Video Cloud" is intended to solve this problem. A uniform search should allow access to learning content easily, quickly and regardless of where the videos were stored: Allowing the important content to be found easily and nothing stands in the way of learning success.

"What do you TU?" Podcast

What does studying at TU Wien look like? What steps do successful graduates go through? What do they deal with in their theses and how do students participate in research at TU Wien? Such questions and a lot others will be answered in a podcast series about studying at TU Wien.

In times of distance learning, the direct exchange of experience between students is not always easy. The project idea "Podcast: What do you TU?" proposes a simple and easily accessible solution: a podcast series in which all those who are interested in studying can listen to what the university has to offer. The individual podcasts are peppered with information about academic success and the scope of the courses offered at TU Wien. Regardless of whether you are still looking for a suitable field of study, the orientation of your studies needs to be specified, or you are simply interested in exciting projects in your own and other fields of study, the podcast is intended to make the experiences of the students audible and tangible. This adds a new facet to the direct exchange and at the same time increases the range.

Darüber hinaus gilt allen Einreichenden gilt ein großes Dankeschön, denn sie sind diejenigen, die mit ihrer Initiative die TU Wien nachhaltig gestalten! Viele Ideen weisen Synergien mit bereits bestehenden oder gerade in der Entwicklung stehenden Projekten auf und liefern neue Ansichten auf behandelte Themen. Um allen eine Stimme zu geben, werden alle Ideen als Input für die digitale Transformation der TU Wien herangezogen.


In addition, a big thank you goes to all those who submitted their ideas, as they are the ones who create the future TU Wien with their initiative! Many ideas show synergies with projects that already exist or are currently being developed and provide new perspectives on the topics covered. In order to give everyone a voice, all ideas are used as an input for the digital transformation process at TU Wien.