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The digital transformation at TU Wien is gathering pace

TU Wien leads the world in many fields, not least in research. However, to continue to secure, or even expand, its competitive capacity on the research market, as well as its reputation as an educational institution and employer, TU Wien needs to invest in its own strategic development.

Digitalization is an umbrella term extending across all areas of TU Wien. But it is also a topic that is increasingly coming into play 'from the outside'. It is reflected in the future prospects of Austrian and European initiatives as well as in performance agreement specifications: never before have so many subsidies been available under the collective term of digitalization; never before has the demand for transparency and compliance been as high as it is now; never before has TU Wien required an increase in the number of graduates in performance agreements. In order to develop, enable or even tackle these issues, TU Wien is adopting digital transformation as a central theme across all its departments and is initiating this process of change.

From project to implementation

Having decided upon a digitalization strategy, the Rector's Office has demonstrated its commitment to getting the digital transformation off the ground and implementing the specified objectives in the fields of research, teaching, administration and infrastructure. These objectives can be grouped into several key areas: digital skills, Smart Campus, data, analytics & prediction, and platforms and networks. As some measures in the field of digitalization have already been implemented at TU Wien, ongoing activities have been collated and are likewise part of the digitalization efforts. In order to coordinate, manage and support digitalization projects, the .digital office has been set up in the Digitalization and Infrastructure Department. This office brings together all joint activities and projects and serves as a central point of contact for questions. Activities and projects result from the work of the respective focus groups (research, teaching, administration, infrastructure), in which ideas are gathered and prioritised. The projects subsequently commissioned by the Rector's Office are ultimately implemented with the support of the .digital office.

From the idea to collaborative design

One thing is certain: the digital transformation will keep TU Wien busy for many years to come. The commitment and involvement of everyone will shape this process and result in its success. The forthcoming .digital roadshow events will offer the initial opportunity to become informed, take part and get involved in the design process. These kick-off events invite you to exchange information, join in discussions and network with colleagues. Particular attention will be paid to those ideas and projects on digitalization that come from participants themselves. These many initiatives, both large and small, are what give the digitalization process its vital momentum. This will enable all participants to actively develop the strategy together.

Details of forthcoming event dates can be found on the .digital office, opens an external URL in a new window website.