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.dcall: The final curtain

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful conclusion of this year's .dcall - and with it the end of an exciting three-year .dcall journey.

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Another .dcall round for the implementation of digital ideas closes its doors, once again with thoroughly successful results. As before, creativity and technical skill in a variety of subject areas have been cross-fertilized, further enriching TU Wien's digital landscape. Over the past nine months, work has been carried out on solutions for time- and location-independent laboratory environments and exercises, XR projects and a variety of tool research projects designed to make everyday working life at TU Wien easier. The diversity and depth of the projects show that TU Wien is not only a showcase for science, but also a breeding ground for digital ideas. We in the .digital office are now pleased to announce that all submitted projects will be successfully completed by the end of the year - on time and as planned.

With this in mind, we look back on the last three years and also thank the .dcall 2020 and .dcall 2021 project teams. In the last three .dcall rounds, around 140 project ideas were submitted, the best of which were selected and finally developed. A total of around 50 projects were implemented and many networking meetings were organized. Synergies were exploited within the communities and island projects were brought together to form a common whole. The ideas not only shaped the competition, but also had a lasting impact on TU Wien's digital culture.

We are ending the .dcall funding program in its current form with a smile and a tear in our eye in order to create space for fresh ideas and new approaches. We are looking forward to the future and the opportunities it will bring.

See you again, perhaps on other paths of the digital future!

Your .dcall team