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Digitalization projects are heading towards their goals

In this third .dcall round, too, interesting project ideas will be implemented and completed by the end of the year.

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Over the past eight months, not only have the nine selected projects been implemented and four follow-up projects continued, but two eTUcation projects have also been carried out. As a result, 15 projects are currently heading towards their goals and will be completed by the end of the year. These projects are financed by the internal .dcall funding program and are managed by the .digital office. The funding was mainly used to finance personnel, i.e. know-how transfer. Around 30 new student employees were hired and 10 existing staff positions were increased or extended.

The .dcall 2023 topics range from the development of XR labs, AI, digital exam rooms and repositories to digital workflows and evaluations of tools for TU Wien. In order to keep the development of this broad pool of topics within the .dcall community up to date, the .digital office holds ongoing meetings where the project teams network - this generates additional ideas and best practices that make an important contribution to the digital transformation of TU Wien.