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Coronavirus – Update: Adjustments to teaching in summer semester 2022

The summer semester 2022 has started successfully. However, a first evaluation on the current measures has shown a little need for optimization.

Coronavirus – Update 11-03-2022

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The following steps are therefore intended to contribute to even better teaching in addition to the protective measures already communicated by the Rectorate yesterday:

  • Lecturers are still allowed to remove the mask during the lecture.
  • Due to the current infection situation and the situation in Ukraine and Russia, numerous feedbacks from our mailbox regarding studyability have expressed the clear wish to make online variants available in lectures as well.
  • We are a face-to-face university, but we are also a modern technical university that not only supports the digital transformation, but also lives it, and therefore we are not afraid of integrating digital elements into our teaching and studying. For this reason, Vice Rector for Acadmic Affairs Kurt Matyas would like to call on you to stream or record lectures from the lecture hall and make them accessible via TUWEL if this is possible without much additional effort.
    This request does not mean that everything has to be available online in parallel again, but that lecturers for their courses (especially with "classic lecture character"), which take place in a room equipped for, also use the LectureTube system provided for this purpose.
    It is also possible to make recordings from previous semesters available to students via TUWEL in addition to the current classroom lecture. You can find a description here.

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