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CO2Refinery Workshop

CO2Refinery Workshop Discussion

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CO2Refinery Workshop Group Photo

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On 26 April 2022, a workshop for strengthening collaborations within the CO2Refinery took place.

For this purpose, the main goals and directions for the development of the CO2Refinery were brought up in the workshop. More than 15 members of the CO2Refinery (PIs and ESRs) had been engaging in an extensive discussion for 2 hours.

The aims of this doctoral college are the efficient utilization of carbon dioxide and the production of a wide variety of valuable products: energy carriers, platform chemicals, and nutrients. As a result of the discussion, preliminary goals, required feedstock, possible KPIs, and benchmarks were defined.

The workshop helped to identify essential steps in creating a unified vision for CO2Refinery and understanding the value of the integrated processes for the market.