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Be the Change: Studying for a Better and More Sustainable Tomorrow

The interdisciplinary MSc programme Environmental Technology & International Affairs is a joint programme of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien and TU Wien and offers education in technical and international environmental policy.

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In today's rapidly changing world, understanding the complex interplay between environmental technology and international affairs is more important than ever. The global climate crisis is one of humanity's most significant challenges, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to address it effectively.

Studying the interdisciplinary MSc programme Environmental Technology & International Affairs provides a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand and equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to create real-world solutions that can mitigate the impact of this crisis. The intersection of these fields offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that arise from environmental degradation and the resulting social, economic, and political consequences. It combines the science of environmental technology with the art of international diplomacy, providing a holistic understanding of the critical issues that impact our planet.

Participants of the programme put their enthusiasm for environmental issues into action by delving into topics such as air quality management, water and waste, resource and energy management, and climate change. Right from the programme’s start, students are encouraged to individually tailor their education with elective courses to complement the learning process with their personal interests and preferences. The most important global environmental topics will be analyzed from a juridical, economic, political, and technical point of view. Focusing on technical issues, such as the quality management of resources and energy, prepares students to be qualified decision-makers as well as being future thought-leaders in different aspects, such as environmental policies, economic topics, and legal matters.

With the world's population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, it is crucial that we educate future leaders in this field to ensure that the decisions made today will lead to a better tomorrow for all.

Graduates of the programme Environmental Technology and International Affairs  are preparing for a professional career dealing with both current and future challenges of the environment and sustainable development. Graduates acquire considerable problem-solving skills to supplement their expertise in analyzing complex environmental issues from legal, economic, scientific, and technical perspectives. 


  • Final Degree: "Master of Science in Environmental Technology and International Affairs" (MSc) granted by the TU Wien in cooperation with the Vienna School of International Studies - Diplomatische Akademie Wien
  • Academic Directors: Prof.Dr. Hans Puxbaum (TU Wien), Prof.Dr. Gerhard Loibl LL.B. (Vienna School of International Studies - Diplomatische Akademie Wien)
  • Language: English
  • Contents:
    • Political Science & International Relations
    • International and European Law
    • International Economics
    • Environment and Technology
    • Water and Waste Resource Management
    • Climate Change & Pollution Control
    • Renewable Energies
  • Duration: 4 Semesters
  • Location: Vienna
  • Tuition Fee: EUR 29,000 (tbc)
  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2023
  • Next Program Start: September 25, 2023


Apply by March 15th, 2023, for more information see, opens an external URL in a new window