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Online now: Idea box for students

New ideas are always in demand at the .digital office. With the new idea box, students can now quickly and easily contribute their topics, ideas and suggestions for digitalization at TU Wien!

[Translate to English:] Ideenbox für Studierende ist online

TU Wien has always been a pioneer in digitalization and technology. The digitalization strategy actively refers to the participation of all members of TU Wien, and in recent years numerous ideas have been contributed and implemented directly by the students of TU Wien. The focus has always been on improving the everyday life of students through digital approaches and implementing them in projects by students for students.

Ideas box seeks suggestions

But we don't want to leave it at that: students have told us that they would also like to have the opportunity to tell us about digitalization topics outside of competitions and voting. We are only too happy to take up this suggestion in the .digital office and have created the "Idea Box" for this purpose - as a direct opportunity to pass on topics and ideas whenever they pop up in your personal everyday life.

And this is how it works

The idea box can be accessed by all TU Wien students in TU coLAB. Log in, press the button "I would like to suggest a new idea" and note down all the important information about the idea on the page created and then press "Publish". Done!

On the overview page, all students have an overview at all times of which topics have already been submitted and what the status of the respective idea is. All suggestions are reviewed by the .digital office, checked for feasibility and, if feasible, incorporated into the implementation process - whether at the .digital office itself or at another relevant department. The idea box is thus the direct line to the .digital office team.

Curious? Then simply get started and send us an idea:
→ Click here for the idea box ←, opens an external URL in a new window