Representative for family-work balance issues


Between academia and the changing table

Austrian universities have developed several strategies for increasing the number of women in science and research and for holding onto them in the long term. One of these was to make it easier for women to balance their career with their childcare needs. Around 12 years ago, nearly all universities even appointed childcare officers and many founded children’s offices. In other words, the initial measures at the universities focused on making it easier to combine a career with children. However, this has changed over time. The compatibility measures are now aimed at all genders equally* and the range of options has also been extended due to the increasing number of people who (have to) provide care for relatives. The UniKid initiative provides measures for balancing children with work and studies but it also became apparent that those providing care to relatives also needed support. The UniCare initiative is already providing information and advisory services at many universities.

* It is still predominantly women who provide care so measures that make it easier to balance family and career are essential from an equal opportunities perspective.

A balance between academia/work and care

This is why TU Wien has been developing support measures for relatives who provide care since 2013 in addition to the range of options for members with childcare duties to make it easier for people to balance their research/career with their family. The contacts at TU Wien are the compatibility officer and the compatibility office:

Representative for Family-Work Balance Issues
Stefanie Madsen, opens an external URL in a new window E 917
c/o Favoritenstraße 9-11, Staircase 3, 1st floor, 1040 Wien
T +43-1-58801-19560

In October 2015, TU Wien was the first Austrian university to establish the role of compatibility officer, as stipulated in the women’s advancement/equal opportunities plan. The compatibility officer is available to answer your confidential questions relating to balancing family and career/studies, coordinates the in-house kindergarten advisory board, represents TU Wien in the ‘Family at university’ best practice club and advises the university management on the strategic alignment of matters relating to work-life balance. They are also responsible for getting TU Wien involved with the bodies that deal with these issues on a national and international level.

TU Kids & Care compatibility office and coordinator of the TU Kids & Care compatibility office

Sonja Bigl, opens an external URL in a new window and Mag. Vera Kuzmits, opens an external URL in a new window
T +43 1 58801 410864 or 410868

The compatibility office at TU Wien was founded in February 2016 and is available if you have any questions relating to organising your work and other commitments (e. g. childcare, caring for relatives). TU Kids & Care is also responsible for organising various events on childcare and balancing family with work/studies.

Further information

The Internet platform provides more information about childcare options and experts on balancing family and work/studies at Austrian universities: UniKid-UniCare Austria, opens an external URL in a new window 

Representative for family-work balance issues


Every Friday, please make an appointment via +43-1-58801-19560