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In the network of experts for compatibility and knowledge transfer to children and young people, representatives for work study life balance and childcare officers as well as heads of the compatibility, family and children's offices work together to anchor and further develop the compatibility of science/study/work and family care responsibilities in the university context. One of the most important successes of the joint work is the inclusion of compatibility in the UG 2002. You can find out more about the UniKid-UniCare Austria network here, opens an external URL in a new window.

The TU Wien has been working in this inter-university network of experts for compatibility for many years.

In 2021, the inter-university lecture series "CAREseiten zeigen", opens an external URL in a new window, was created, which highlights care topics and social legal frameworks and asks about their significance for the university as a place to study and work.

Speakers 2022:

Mag.a Sylvia Kleindienst
Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg; sylvia.kleindienst@plus.ac.at

Waltraud Heschl
Medizinische Universität Graz; waltraud.heschl@medunigraz.at, opens in new window

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„Familie in der Hochschule“ (FidH), opens an external URL in a new window is an association of the currently 129 higher education institutions in German-speaking countries (as of December 2021) that have signed the . By signing the Charta, all members make a voluntary commitment to pursue and implement demanding standards of family orientation. They define the compatibility of studies, work and science with family responsibilities as a core element of their university. In this way, they take on their social responsibility as places of education, work and life in a public-spirited way. The association is characterised by a wide-ranging dialogue over all German speaking academia and working in partnership at eye level.

TU Wien signed the Charta „Familie in der Hochschule“ , opens an external URL in a new windowin 2015 and became a full member of the association. On 7 September 2017, it hosted the 4th annual conference of the FidH under the guiding principle „Vereinbarkeit 4.0 – Neue Wege für familiengerechte Hochschulen?“, opens an external URL in a new window



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The network "Unternehmen für Familien" serves as a low-threshold, open, uncomplicated exchange on the topic of reconciling family and work. With various activities such as Austria-wide networking meetings, partner days and personal discussions, ideas are developed together and a comprehensive commitment to a family-friendly Austria is strengthened. By joining the network, we at TU Wien are committed to making an active contribution to more family-friendliness in our own area of responsibility and to being a role model and incentive for others. The network's website offers interesting information on the topic of family friendliness in companies and municipalities, presents exemplary initiatives and measures, and reports on the best practice experiences of companies and municipalities, opens an external URL in a new window.

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In 2020, TU Wien achieved the 2nd place in the State Award for Family and Career in the category of Public Legal Enterprises and was thus awarded the title of Austria's most family-friendly university in 2020.