Portrait I. Steiner

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingrid Steiner (2019)

Prof. Ingrid Steiner was the "figurehead" of food chemistry at the Faculty of Technical Chemistry for many years and has distinguished herself as an excellent scientist. As Dean Danninger emphasized, Ingrid Steiner stood out above all because of her many years of tireless commitment to the issue of gender equality at the faculty. She has led Committee on Equal Treatment at the faculty since its foundation in 1991. In recent years, she was head of the Committee on Equal Treatment for the entire University. In these functions, she has invested countless hours in the preparation and participation in appointment and habilitation committees and in job interviews. She is well known at the faculty and university for her unexcited, factual arguments, even on difficult and controversial issues like gender equality. She has always presented her point of view convincingly and was able to resolve any problems that arose by consensus.

The award was presented to Prof. Ingrid Steiner during a festive faculty council meeting. In his laudatory speech, Dean Danninger emphasized the good and long-term cooperation at the faculty. On behalf of the Rectorate, Rector Sabine Seidler gave a welcoming speech and emphasized the fact that Prof. Steiner is the first female laureate of the award.

In her acceptance speech, Prof. Ingrid Steiner emphasized what she had in common with Richard Zsigmondy. Like the Nobel Prize winner, she also worked with colloidal liquids, among other things. However, she did not focus on inorganic chemistry, but on colloidal foods such as milk, which has special properties due to its nature.