Portrait R. Mach

Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Robert Mach has been the head of the Institute for Process Engineering, Environmental Technology and Technical Biosciences since 2017.

After studying microbiology and doctoral studies in microbiology and genetics at the University of Vienna, various research stays followed, including in Wageningen in the Netherlands and Naples. In 1999 Prof. Mach habilitated in the subject "Molecular Biology"; Shortly afterwards he was appointed associate professor and in March 2016 he accepted the professorship for "Biochemical Technology" at the TU Wien.

In research, Prof. Mach's interests lie in the fluid boundaries between biochemistry and molecular biology, with a special focus on the production of tailor-made microorganisms for their application in white biotechnology & biofuel production as well as in the production of secondary metabolites. Another field of research that Prof. Mach is dedicated to is the molecular ecology and molecular diagnostics of microorganisms in technical and natural systems.