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Nikos Hadjichristidis

Research Interests: a). Synthesis of well-defined complex macromolecular architectures (star, miktoarm star, comb, cyclic, dendritic, tadpole, H-, pom-pom, etc) by anionic polymerization (A.P.) high vacuum techniques as well as by the combination of A.P. with other polymerizations (C1, C3, C5, ROP, ROMP, ATRP, etc.). These polymers are ideal models for checking the theory (e.g., de Gennes tube theory and hierarchical motion theory of branched polymers), understanding/improving the performance of industrial polymers (e.g., polyethylene and thermoplastic elastomers), and are potential candidates for high-tech applications. These model materials have led to numerous advances in polymer Rheology and morphology. b). Biodegradable polyethylene, vitrimers, and non-covalent bonded macromolecular architectures.

Publications: More than 600 scientific papers, 35 patents, editor of four books, and author of one book on "Block Copolymers" (Wiley 2003).

Education Profile: D.Sc., University of Athens, Greece, 1979; Postdoctoral Fellow of the National Research Council of Canada, 1972-1973 and University of Liège, Belgium, 1971-1972; PhD, University of Liège, Belgium, 1971; B.Sc.- Chem., University of Athens, Greece, 1966

Professional Profile: Since 2011: Professor of Chemical Sciences, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (since 2016, Distinguished Professor); 2016-2020: Chairman of the national (Greek) Council for Research and Innovation; Since 2011: Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece; 1988-2010: Professor; 1994-2010: Director, Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry; 1991-2003, 2005-2009: Chair, Chemistry Department, University of Athens, Greece; 2000-2001: Director of the Institute of "Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece; Jan.-Aug. 1991, all summers 1984-2010, and since 2011, two weeks per year: Visiting Professor, ExxonMobil Research and Eng. Co. N.J., USA; March 1986: Visiting Professor, University of Sheffield, England; Summer 1983: Distinguished Visiting Scientist, NRC of Canada, Canada; All summers from 1977 to 1982: Visiting Professor, University of Akron, Institute of Polymer Science, USA; Summer 1976: Visiting Research Officer, NRC of Canada, Ottawa, Canada; Summers 1974, 75: Visiting Professor, University of Liège, Belgium

Scientific and Professional Memberships: Member of "Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Division" (since 2001); Founder Member and President (1995-1996) of the European Polymer Federation; Honorary Member of the Greek Chemical Engineer Society (since 1990); Founder and President (1984-2010) of the Greek Polymer Society.; Member of "Polymer Division "of the American Chemical Society (since 1977)

 Awards: Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K., 2022) and has received several awards, including the Hermann F. Mark Medal (Austria, 2020); the University of Athens, Chemistry Department Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to Research, Teaching, Mentoring, and Administration in Chemistry (Greece, 2018); the Macro Group Medal for Outstanding Achievements (U.K., 2016); the American Chemical Society National Award for Polymer Chemistry (USA, 2015); the American Chemical Society, Rubber Division, Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award (USA, 2011), the American Chemical Society, Polymeric Materials Science, and Engineering Division, Cooperative Research Award (USA, 2010); and the International Award of the Japanese Society of Polymer Science (Japan, 2007); Advisory Professor, Fudan University, China, 2011; Doctor Honoris Causa, Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela, 2010; Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Ioannina, Greece, 2010; Milkovich Memorial Lecturer, Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron, USA, 2006; Arthur K. Doolittle Award of ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, USA, 2003; The Greek Chemists Association Award, Greece, 2000; Empirikion Award for Sciences, Greece, 1994; Academy of Athens Award for Chemistry, Greece, 1989

Editorial Positions: Member of the Editorial Board of "Polymer Chemistry, RCS" (since 2013); Associate Editor (2002-2012) and Member of the Editorial Board (since 2012) of "European Polymer Journal"; Member of the Editorial Board of "Progress in Polymer Science" (since 2001); Member of the Editorial Board of "Journal of Polymer Science, Chemistry" (2001-2019); Member of the Editorial Board of "Macromolecules" (1997-1999)