MASMONADE - Multi-modal Analysis of Single Molecules by Nanomechanical Detection

PhD Project funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation 

There is a great need for the identification of proteins with ever increasing sensitivity and in complex samples, especially for the increasingly important protein profiling for single cells. However, most protein species in mammalian cells are only present at low concentrations, and the limited sensitivity of mass spectrometry currently only allows detection of the most abundant proteins, which are present with millions of copies per cell.
The consortium with collaborators from TU Vienna, ETH Zurich and the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen has unique expertise in sensor concepts that will allow us to develop new approaches to measure mass. We will develop single protein UV/Vis and IR absorption spectroscopy and gravimetric single protein mass spectrometry within the next few years.
In this project, we are bringing a radically new analytical technique to the field of protein analysis. To develop this novel technology, contributions from physics, electrical engineering, microsystems engineering, machine learning, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry will be brought together. The combination of these disciplines is at the heart of this project's success.

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  • Interest in basic research
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