The history of the Testing Laboratory for Combustion Systems at the TU Wien can be traced back in the days of imperial Austria in the 19th century. Since then the focus on cooperation partners needs based on the fulfillment of high quality standards and principles of scientific work have been the guidelines for the development of the laboratory to its current standard.

The long tradition is the platform for a tremendous experience and know how helping to face the daily challenges in modern analytical work. Nowadays the Test Laboratory for Combustion Systems is one of the leading laboratories for fuel characterization, testing of small as well as large scale combusting systems and measurements of gaseous emissions in Austria.

The high standard is represented by the accreditation for its main activities and the established quality management system according to EN ISO 17025. Currently the main focus is renewable energy especially biomass and biofuels. Beside fuel analysis and measurements for classical biomass conversion technologies, such as combustion also gasification and pyrolysis are of main interests.

The Development of new measurement techniques resp. improvements for these technologies are a permanent research task of the laboratory.

The core competencies of the Test Laboratory for Combustion Systems include:

Further activities (not included in our accreditation):

  • Furnishing of expertise
  • Development of new measurement methods
  • Conducting of research topics
  • Co – operation in creation of relevant standards