The research division of “Process Systems Engineering for Bioresources and Sustainability” focuses on biological resources such as plants and organic raw materials, as well as the exploitation and valorization of plant products as substrates and fine chemicals.

Research is based on a broad spectrum of complementary expertise including chemical, biochemical, biotechnological and molecular biological analysis as well as microscopic investigations of natural products, plants and foods. Complex production chains in the field of biorefineries are investigated in cooperation with other research groups.

Core Competences
  • Microbial end enzymatic modification of wood composite materials
  • Volatile organic compound emission testing and control
  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
  • Strategies for plant protection
  • Interactions between plants and pathogens
  • Tissue specific formation and subcellular localization of metabolites
  • Renewable raw materials as sources of valuable compounds
  • Development of biorefineries
Research Groups: