FORBIX is a FWF START price project and deals with basic questions of acetogenic utilization of formate, a C1-feedstock which can be sustainably produced from CO2 and renewable energy. Awarded in 2022 the project with a duration of 6 years will focus on research and development of the model acetogen Acetobacterium A. woodii as a platform microorganism for the conversion of formic acid into value-added products such as alcohols, organic acids and other chemicals. To that end, methods of metabolic engineering and bioprocess technology will be combined with systems biology tools to develop carbon- and energy-efficient conversion strategies formate-to-X (FORBIX).


Project leader: Ass.-Prof. Dr. nat. techn. Stefan Pflügl



Project logo FORBIx with O as circle diagram and text "formate-based acetogenic bioproduction for fuels and chemicals" below Forbix