Bioprocess Technology

Our main focus is: Method development for efficient and scientifically based bioprocess development The methodology to develop our methods follows the “ring of fire”:


  1. Objective functions (maximum yield, best Quality Attribute, …) are formulated from the measured process variables
  2. Consistent Data Set: Analyse the gathered data sets for data quality and consistency
  3. Information & Experimental Design: Convert the data to scalable information descriptors (such as yields and specific rates) and use them in efficient experimental designs (such as physiological DoEs)
  4. Knowledge & Modelling: Extract hypotheses from the experiments and the information descriptors and formulate mechanistic models, based on physiology, morphology with a segregated or structured view on biomass.
  5. Optimum & Predictive Control: Implement the models in a real time context and experimental designs and operated on the objective function as defined in 1.
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